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Hustle harder with Lion-OCBC Global Core Fund

Receive potential regular income with global ETFs, now at a lower cost:
  • Annual management fee of 0.6% p.a.

  • Up to 2.0% one-time sales charge at point of sale


Target Distribution Policy
  • 3.5% p.a. for the Moderate fund

  • 4.5% p.a. for the Growth fund


Payouts will differ based on your choice of Moderate or Growth fund, and the currency share class.

Payouts are not guaranteed and may be changed at the Fund Manager’s discretion without prior notice.
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An exclusive opportunity for FRANK/OCBC customers

Currently Singapore’s only Fund of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with BlackRock (Singapore) Limited as a model provider, the Lion-OCBC Global Core Fund offers investors the potential opportunity to enjoy sustainable income and long-term capital growth.

Professional expertise you can trust

Built with iShares ETFs, the Fund accesses BlackRock's proprietary asset allocation models and is managed by Lion Global Investors, one of the largest asset managers in Southeast Asia, at their full discretion.


Fund Manager:
Lion Global Investors

One of the largest asset managers in Southeast Asia, Lion Global Investors' core competency is in managing Asian Equities and Fixed Income investments worldwide.

Model Provider:
BlackRock (Singapore) Limited

iShares® by BlackRock is a global leader in ETFs, with more than a decade of expertise and commitment to individual and institutional investors. iShares has over 700 funds globally across multiple asset classes and strategies, and more than USD$1.4 trillion in assets under management as of 31st March 2017.

Key fund features

Receive potential quarterly payouts

Moderate Fund
3.5 % p.a.
Growth Fund
4.5 % p.a.

Payouts will differ based on your choice of Moderate or Growth fund, and the currency share class. Payouts are not guaranteed and may be changed at the Fund Manager's discretion without prior notice.

Enjoy lower fees with cost-efficient ETFs

Annual Management Fee
0.6 % p.a.
One-time sales charge up to
2.0 % at point of sale

The Fund is subject to additional trustee and custody fees, administrative fees, and underlying ETF fees. Refer to the Fund's prospectus for the full range of charges.

Easy access to global markets and asset classes

Typical exposure to
10 - 15 ETFs with just one fund

For illustrative purposes only.

Managing investment risks

Investing globally will always come with risks. An investment may lose value due to factors such as changes in asset prices, interest rates or foreign exchange rates. We take a 3-step approach to manage these risks:

Step 1:
Anticipate Risks Through Market Evaluation

The Lion-OCBC Global Core Fund’s investment strategy uses research views expressed via BlackRock’s models, amongst other inputs, to assess the expected market outlook and identify key risk factors.

Step 2:
Dynamic Asset Allocation

With a dynamic asset allocation strategy, the Fund is rebalanced as needed based on market conditions while keeping your investments diversified.

Step 3:
Managing Foreign Exchange Risk

We give you the option to invest in USD, SGD-hedged or AUD-hedged share classes, thus reducing Foreign Exchange impact in your currency of choice through the use of financial tools.


Unit Trust

Invest in Disruptive Tech

Opportunities await those who embrace change. Once you have built your core portfolio, you may consider the LionGlobal Disruptive Innovation Fund, which helps you with long-term capital growth from just S$100. 

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Unit Trust

Potential regular payouts of approximately 7% p.a.

Investing in alternative sources of income, the BlackRock Global Funds – Dynamic High Income Fund seeks to generate potential payouts of approximately 7% p.a. while managing risk. 

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Getting started with ETFs in the age of disruption

Sign up for this talk to learn about how disruptive innovation is leading to new breakthroughs across industries, and the rise of ETFs and financial innovations. 

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