FRANK account Digital application guide

  • Applying without Singpass

    Click on ‘Complete a form’.

    Do not select any of these.

    1. Please enter your name as per your passport sequence and include all special characters like “-” and “,”.
    2. If you are Malaysian, please indicate your Malaysian IC number.
    1. Enter your Postal Code and tap on Get Address. Your address will be automatically populated. Do not edit populated information.
    2. Key in your unit level here.

      Note: If you only have a room number, you may leave the unit number field blank. Indicate the room number under the building name field below.
    3. Key in your unit/room number here.
    4. If staying on campus, do include school name with hall and block number. Please key in address as per proof of address.
    1. Indicate “-” if you do not have any home number.
    1. For verification purposes.

    Acknowledge the marketing consent form and click on “Next”.

    1. Up to 19 characters including spaces. Only alphabets allowed.
    2. Click to select card design.

    Click to select card design (All designs are free).

    Tap to upload or take a photo of your signature. Ensure that signature is clear and legible. Each image should not exceed 6MB (for .jpg or .png) or 500KB (for .pdf).

    1. Tax Residency.
    2. Choose "No, No tax obligation" if you are not required to pay any taxes. If you have paid or are paying taxes, please declare the Country of Tax Residence and the relevant Tax Identification No.

      If you are a US Citizen, declaring your Taxpayer Identification No. (TIN) / Social Security No. (SSN) is mandatory. If you are born in the US but is no longer a US Tax Resident, please provide one of the following documents:
      • Certificate of loss of Nationality of the U.S.
      • Form I-407
    3. Click next.

    Ensure all details are filled in accurately.

    Ensure all details are filled in accurately.

    Ensure all details are filled in accurately.

    1. Enter security check (CAPS required).
    2. After clicking “Next”, allow page to load. A hard-copy Debit Card Application Form will be mailed to your mailing address within 3 to 5 working days.
  • What do I do next?

    Once your online application has been submitted, a hard-copy application form will be mailed to you within 3 to 5 working days. Upon receipt, please sign on the box at the back of the form. Scan all pages of the letter along with the rest of your supporting documents and submit it to* or mailing it in using the Business Reply Envelope provided.

    *Please indicate your application reference number under "Subject".

    Singaporeans and Singapore PR

    • NRIC
    • Any of these documents that show your residential address: Telco Bill / Utilities Bill / Bank Statement OR Income Tax Notice of Assessment


    • Passport with 6 months validity
    • Student Pass or Employment Pass or S-Pass
    • Any of these documents that show your residential address:
      • Tenancy Agreement with IRAS Stamp Duty
      • Printout of HDB Enquiry on Authorized Tenants
      • Faculty/Hall of Residence Letter from your school**
      • Telco Bill
      • Utilities Bill
      • Bank Statement

    **Applicable to NTU, NUS, SMU, SIT, SUSS and SUTD students only.

    Upon approval of your application, your FRANK Debit Card will be in your mailbox within 5 to 7 working days.